Supermarket / Retail

We provide significant services to the retail industry. We are well experienced in supermarket upgrades and general service and maintenance in this high demand industry. Gary Smith Refrigeration recognises the need in a retail environment to minimise downtime and potential stock loss. Management in upgrade situations is extremely thorough.

Visual appeal of food is essential; the freshness, colour, and moisture, are important factors in attracting attention and encouraging the purchase, Our proven capabilities enable us to design, manufacture and source front of house food service displays, beverage chillers, stainless steel bars and benches. Our manufacturing facilities create contemporary and functional fit-outs to enhance any business..

This is Gary Smith Refrigeration's specialty – we engineer, design and build customised refrigeration systems using efficient and modern components from the best suppliers. This ensures maximum shelf life, minimum shrinkage and stock loss – crucial for profitability and customer retention.

Some of the products and services we offer include:

  • Supply and installation of supermarket cases

  • Display fridges and freezers

  • Cool rooms and freezer rooms

  • Plant upgrades

  • Service

  • Planned maintenance